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House Restumping

Restumping or reblocking is the replacement of rotted and defective stumps which cause structural damage to your home with new long lasting concrete stumps.

House restumping may involve the releveling of floor areas and could entail the replacement of subfloor timbers and floor boards.

On average a timber home normally has about 80 stumps and a brick veneer home normally contains about 60
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    Why Do You Need Restumping

    Many houses that were built more than 30 years ago most likely have timber stumps that can sink into soil or become rotted over time causing damages to the house.

    You may need to have house restumping if:

    What We Do

    At First and Last Reblocking Melbourne, our house restumpers are experts in house stump repairs and house leveling.
    Our service includes

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    Removing Sole Plates

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    Excavating Soil

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    Concrete Stumps Installation

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    House Reblocking

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    House Restumping

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    House Underpinning

    What We Do

    Our experts at First and Last Reblocking Melbourne will inspect your house to determine if it needs underpinning

    Then, they will add extra support to your existing foundation to strength it creating a solid foundation below your house to support it and stabilize it, preventing any further movement.

    Why Do You Need Underpinning

    The original foundation might lose its strength or stability over time for many reasons, such as soil changes or insufficient amount of concrete originally used.

    You may need a house underpinning if…

    About us

    You can count on our team of reblockers to offer you the best service, do their job perfectly, choose the best quality of stumps and ensure it lasts the longest